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 Join a strong network of Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and their allies.

        Deadline to register: Oct. 14

        Conference space is limited, register early!



All members are now able to join our CAEDHH-BC Microsoft Teams account to connect with colleagues and share resources. 
Full Members
A Full Member is a professional who holds a Master’s degree in deaf education or equivalent.  A member can also be any teacher or administrator working in the school system.   
Associate Members
An Associate Member is any profession affiliated to the field of deaf education such as SLPs, audiologists, auditory verbal therapist, health professional. 
Partner Members

A partner is any retired teacher who is not currently employed or a student* attending a postsecondary institution while not working.  

*Students who volunteer to help with the conference are eligible for free conference registration

Allied Members
This includes a parent of a child who is DHH, support/advocacy groups (CHHA-BC, GBYS, H&V, FNDC, DYT, etc.). A lowered rate is granted to these community allies. This also includes any paraprofessional such as (S)EA, YCCW, ECE, or interpreters. Please be prepared to let us know what organization you work with or if you are a parent of a child who is DHH on the registration form. 
Corporate Conference Rate
A Corporation is any vendor or corporation.  Conference rates for corporations can be substituted by a $300 prize/gift donations.  The Corporate Tier does not include membership.

Contact us to register.

Why choose membership? 

Becoming a member of CAEDHH-BC has many benefits. Joining shows others that we are professionals who take our job seriously with common goals and a united front. We are able to network and meet other professionals in our field when we are often the only DHH specialist in our district. CAEDHH-BC shares and provides resources to help advocate for our profession and we feel supported especially for those working in isolation. Please see our About Us page to view vacant positions and find out how you can become more involved. 
From Our Members
Hear about the benifits of membership directly from our members. 
“We can support Deaf kids better when TDHHs have a support system.”

“Since joining CAEDHH-BC I feel more confident and knowledgeable of the resources available and best practices to provide the support that meets the needs of my DHH students.”

“Our voice is louder when we all speak together.”

“CAEDHH-BC volunteers work hard to advocate for the needs of DHH learners in the province. I like knowing there are others who are fighting for the same things as me and I can share my voice. I am not alone: there is strength in numbers”

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